Kate's* story in her own words

I have always had a weight problem I have tried diet after diet without success, going shopping was a major issue in my life as I would not be able to find anything that fit, I would walk out of the shops in tears, hating life and the way I looked. Being a single mom I knew it was time to be the active person and mom my son deserved.

Kate* weighed more than 132 kg before she decided to change her life! I decided to take control and take my life back, at that moment I weighed 153kgs and I knew I had to do something drastic before it is too late. I started with a dietician and before long I weighed 132kgs. I then started feeling like I could actually do this, I joined the gym and started exercising regularly, after two months at the gym I started personal training with a personal trainer once a week (Venessa Smith). Venessa advised that I try Herbex. Well, Herbex, you changed my life, the results were amazing. Herbex helped give me energy for my work-outs.
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“I was miserable” – Kate*
Kate* was social, but never really felt happy or confident. Herbex I want to thank you personally for helping me achieve my goal. I now weigh 83kgs and have never been happier, my son loves that his mom can now run and play outside with him.

We were fortunate enough that Kate* allowed us to do a whole day photo shoot with her. It was such a pleasure to be part of this with Kate*. not only did she get a chance to show the “NEW KATE*” off in front of the camera, she can now also put her old life behind for the good.
Kate* gained confidence and SHINES!
“I am never going back!” – Kate*

Kate*, may your journey be one with more opportunities to really shine! Stay the inspiration you are. We are proud of you.