“I am a 19 year old South African male, and I would like to share my weightloss results – thanks to your product.

I started using the Herbex [Slimmers for Men Concentrate] on the 13th November 2014, and on the 1st October 2015 I weighed myself only to realise that I have lost 50kgs, WOW!

The reason that I wanted to lose weight was because I was very uncomfortable and had no self-confidence within myself. One of my main reasons for the weightloss was that people in my school used to make fun of my size. My relationship with girls was also bad as they always called me “fat” and called me terrible names etc. My last reason to why I lost weight was because when my family took photos of me I would look at that photo and feel so embarrassed because of my size.

My life before I lost all this weight, was terrible for me because I was always embarrassed about how I looked, which made me depressed and suicidal. I never wanted to get involved with anything, I was always withdrawn, quiet and would keep to myself!

Now, my confidence levels have risen, my social skills are much better and I can now exercise! I used to enjoy swimming, but if people were around, I would never do so. Now I really don’t care because of what I’ve achieved!

Ever since I’ve lost my weight I’ve been having so much fun with my life in general, my friends all love having me around because I’ve become a happier person. Some of my family members now look up to me when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

I feel so much better with myself, I am so pleased with my results and I achieved this myself. My skin is a lot clearer than usual. I have my days where my energy levels are good and some days they are bad but that’s normal for me. My body shape has changed so much because of the weightloss. The only problem I have right now is that I have some loose skin in certain areas which I am working very hard on.

I started using Herbex at the beginning of my journey, followed a high protein diet and started training with a personal trainer (Dominic Charles).

My parents are happy that I’ve changed from the way I used to be and some of my friends look up to me when it comes to losing weight because of how much I have lost.”